by Nora Fleming & Lola Stalenhoef


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  1. April 7, 2014

    A good notice. Mind is never still. However I think we can agree that we disagree in this. I believe the minds normal state is not silence. I is good , nice , loving compassionat thougts. Why this? Becouse empty allways fills up with something. And that something is not neccary good. It can then fill with something that drives you to stress, depression, harm someone or you selfves or unessessary “overnatural” excperiences, telepatic experiences, communicating with “free” sprits etc that does not improve ones our the neighbours lives.

    An if we concentrate on an object to get it still (crusifix, budha, stone, bone, coin, view, voice), it becomes an Idoll. And this is the history of idols. And the thinking of “miracles” they bring and Karma. Becouse personally I believe in a living God, personage, with a power (spirit or consiousness ..or you name it..) I dont want to do it. I rather direct my thoughs to good things. Some nice hymn. Or writen word of good. Or I fullfill my mind with the work I am acomplishing with my hands. Therefore I allso think that work is so important for human mind.

    Then relax, sleep and meditate and ponder is an another thing. We need it too. And in sleep the mind might fill with wonderfull dreems. The greateast thing I think one can receive is “revelation” , divine instruction , confort from deving being, straigt to the heart or mind. I believe everyone has received it. That is what drives people to create beatufill thins, serve other or conduct familyhistory and leand from ancestors.

    Great pic to inspire all this. Thank you for pic. I jus write honestly. An becouse when i tried to “slience” my mind, it did not lead to peace or lasting peace -instead “unwante” things started to happen in my life. There fore I couragely “warn” about it and testify of dive gift of thought and thinking that man has. And teaching opposite , or that we would be a “spies” with a “sick ” mind that thinks too much is opposity to my understanding. We are given the gift to choose our selfves. 🙂


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