by Nora Fleming & Lola Stalenhoef


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  1. May 2, 2014

    True. An especcially we can see beaty in all people. There is goodness in everybody. There is truths in everyhting. (The faith is allways personal, individual and usually not very dependent of the religious system) Thougt if there is one God (highest) there has to be one faith-or knowledge of Him. If there are very many diffent gods with different wills there is many exactly correct faiths. If there is none – then it matters not. But we ought to remember that this earth and man is fallen from God’s presence, for a purpose. To live with faith. And to find our way bac. So it is obvious there are 100 00’s of faith systems and faith’s -for a reason. But everyone will develop in his/her own time; both in the time in mortality-and in time after mortality. The saviour has not limited his saving work for mortality-if He hastens his work. It is also in im-morality and in life after mortality. The religions on eath are but a glimps of the whole picture. Nice cartoon.


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