by Nora Fleming & Lola Stalenhoef

About Nora & Lola


Nora is half Finnish half Canadian. 

She began to look at the moon long after she had drawn it many times. 

Because Nora doesn’t draw what she sees, instead she sometimes finds in the world shapes with amazing similarities with some of her drawings.

She’s always drawn, she draws like others breathe or digest. 

She’s drawn ideas, companies, flavours, characters belonging to stories that haven’t jet been written.


Lola is half Dutch half Spanish. 

When someone came up with the idea that to sadness we should add a touch of colour, that someone had Lola in mind. 

She plays a tune with the exact colour tones for each situation. 

For every brand, for every place, for every page. The eyes listen up to a colour melody composed by her.

Lola works in branding, inventing spaces of light in which companies find their own place.

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